1125 E 11th Street, Houston TX 77009, 281-3009132, email: thisfrancescafuchs(at)

Meisterschülerin, Prof. Tony Cragg, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany, 1995
B.A. Hons in Fine Art, Sculpture, Wimbledon School of Art, London, 1993


2018 Art League Houston 2018 Texas Artist of the Year
2018 Support for Artists and Creative Individuals Grant Award, Houston Arts Alliance
2017 Josephine Mercy Heathcote Fellow, MacDowell Colony
2017 MacDowell Fellowship
2013 Individual Artist Grant Recipient, Houston Arts Alliance
2012 Artadia Award
2008 Individual Artist Grant Recipient, Houston Arts Alliance
2006 Hunting Art Prize
2006 Artadia Award
2003 Cultural Arts Council of Houston, Individual Artist Grant
1996/98 Core artist in residence, Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Texas
1995/96 Sculpture research fellow at Cheltenham College of Art, UK
1992 Exchange program Universidad de Belles Artes, Bilbao, Spain

One and Two Person Exhibitions
2018 How to Tell the Truth and Painting, Inman Gallery, Houston, Texas
2018 Something, Art League Houston, Texas
2017 North Exterior Wall, Mural Project, Lawndale Art Center, Houston, Texas
2016 Chris Bradley/ Francesca Fuchs, Permanent.Collection, Austin, Texas
2015 Xmas Trees, Talley Dunn Gallery, Dallas, Texas
2015 Francesca Fuchs: Selected Paintings 2004 - 2015, Galveston Arts Center, Galveston, Texas
2014 again once more, The University Galleries, Texas State University, San Marcos, Texas
2013 (Re)Collection: Paintings of Framed Paintings, Prints, Photographs and Drawings, Texas Gallery, Houston, Texas
2013 Francesca Fuchs/Paul P., The Suburban, Oak Park, Illinois
2012 Paintings of Paintings, Talley Dunn Gallery, Dallas, Texas
2010 Paintings, Texas Gallery, Houston, Texas
2007 Perspectives 155: Francesca Fuchs, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Houston, Texas
2005 Mom, Texas Gallery, Houston, Texas
2004 New Work, Fayerweather Gallery, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia
2003 Portrait Paintings, Texas Gallery, Houston, Texas
2002 Saloon: Francesca Fuchs, Martin Woehrl, Homeroom, Munich, Germany
2001 Colorcode: Francesca Fuchs, Aaron Parazette, Sala Diaz, San Antonio, Texas
2000 Sleeping In, Texas Gallery, Houston, Texas
2000 Wallpaper, Annex, Conduit Gallery, Dallas
1999 Prototypes, Galveston Arts Center, Galveston, Texas
1998 Serenade and other works, Texas Gallery, Houston, Texas
1997 Scenic Interlude (with music), Diverseworks, Houston, Texas
1997 Bent pipe and watercooler, Collective Gallery, Project Room, Edinburgh

Selected Group Exhibitions
Futures, The Glassell School of Art, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
American Genre: Contemporary Painting, ICA at MECA, Portland, Maine (Michelle Grabner)
Still(ed) Life, Part 1, Texas Gallery, Houston, TX
Garage Sale, And So Can You, 2619 Arbor St, Houston, Texas (Max C. Fields)
Plant People, Galveston Artist Residency, Galveston, Texas
Destination Unkown, Talley Dunn Gallery, Dallas, Texas
Happy Homemakers: The Pleasures and Perils of Domestic Life, Sala Diaz, San Antonio, Texas (curated by Toby Kamps)
In Plain Sight, McClain Gallery, Houston, Texas
The Big Show 7, Silas Marder Gallery, Bridgehampton, New York
No Barrier Fun, Lisa Cooley, New York
Don't I know you, Inman Gallery, Houston, Texas
40, Texas Gallery, Houston, Texas
Learning by Doing, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas
Reality Check, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas
Don't Mess with Texas, Nathan Larramendi Gallery, Ojai, California
Artadia...reprised, Diverseworks, Houston, Texas
The Language of Painting, University Gallery, Texas A&M, Commerce, Texas (curated by Michael Odom)
Xtraordinary, Arthouse, Austin, Texas (curated by Sue Graze)
Texas Show, Ibid Projects, London, England
Wallpainting, University of Texas San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas, (curated by Frances Colpitt)
New Texas Painting, DiverseWorks, Houston, Texas
Painting Attack, Dallas Contemporary Arts Center, Dallas, Texas
Camp Lucky: Summer of Carnage, Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston, Texas
Hyper"real"ism, Fellowship series VI, Space 125, Cultural Arts Council of Houston
Glassell Studio School Faculty Exhibition, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas
Patterns & Serial Randomness, Beaker Gallery, Tampa, Florida
Size Matters, Texas Gallery, Houston, Texas
Blip, Contemporary Art Museum of the University of South Florida, Tampa
Hard Core, Galveston Arts Center, Galveston
Million Dollar Hotel, Holiday Inn Select, Houston, Texas
New Orleans Triennial, New Orleans Museum of Art, New Orleans
Thrifting, Lombard-Freid Fine Arts, New York
Out of the Ordinary, Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Texas
Positexan, Project, Wichita, Kansas (curated by Michael Odom)
Natural Deceits, Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Fort Worth, Texas
Ludwig Schwarz, Brad Tucker, Katrina Moorhead, Francesca Fuchs, Inman Gallery, Houston
Firesale 2000, Angstrom Gallery, Dallas, Texas
Material Process Memory, Texas Fine Arts Association, Austin, TX
Growing Up Post Modern, University Galleries, Normal, IL
Size Matters, Gail Gates Gallery et al, Brooklyn, New York
5 Artists, New Work, Diverseworks, Houston, Texas
A Cool Show, Arlington Museum of Art, Arlington, Texas
Nirvana, The British Council Window Gallery, Prague
Field of Vision, Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston
Core Show, Glassell School, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Our Own Brits, Subspace, Diverseworks, Houston
Equal Pay, Revolution Summer Artspace, Houston
Core Show, Glassell School, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
Fellas '96, Pittville Gallery, Cheltenham, UK
Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London
Rundgang 1995, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany
Klasse Cragg, Galerie Annelie Brusten, Wuppertal, Germany
Western Exposure, Riverside Studios, London
Art Cologne 1993, Cologne art fair, (Janus Avivson Gallery)
B.T. New Contemporaries 1992
venues included: Cornerhouse, Manchester; and the Institute for Contemporary Arts (ICA), London


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